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Santero Moscato & Georgian Imports!

Friday, August 1st Georgian Imports will be in-house, showcasing the Santero Moscato sparkling wine! Join us, Friday evening from 4 – 7pm, as we sample all of the wonderful Santero sparkling wines.

Evol Spirits

Introducing Evol Spirits!

Coming soon!

Coming soon is a wonderful, all natural spirit unlike any other. Evol is the world’s first sweet-tasting, truly sugar free distilled spirit. Evol is a spicy new, 74-proof artisanal distilled spirit that has more alcohol than its sugar-filled competitors, and it tastes great at room temperature. This versatile libation can be enjoyed as a shot, on the rocks or in mixed drinks. Evol’s proprietary spice blend with hints of natural cinnamon and clove is intermingled with a gluten-free, sugar free, Stevia-sweetened base to create an easy-drinking spirit that has no equal.

Be good. Drink Evol.

Events and Tastings

Calendar of Events:


  • Friday, August 1st Georgian Imports will be in house for a Santero Moscato wine tasting from 4pm – 7pm.


  • Friday, August 8th we will host a brand new product EVOL SPIRITS!


  • Friday, August 15th, Wishkah River Distillery will be here to spotlight their local vodka, gin and whiskey.


Check back soon and often for upcoming events and tastings!



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